I don't blame anyone but me for what i've seen...what i've done. The guilt I felt..the lives I took...I can never forgive my sins...but i'm here fighting trying to repay as much as I can and that's all that matters in the end.- Kairi,To Edward about her mysterious past.

Kairi is a girl with the body of a 17 year old girl but the mental age of a girl thousands of years old. She has commited many sins in her life but is trying to repay them the best she can.


"The stone has the power to give you eternal life but it comes with a price. You have no control over your actions. This eternal punishment.


Kairi was killed by Death as a attempt to rip her soul from her and become human.

Last Words:DAMN YOU!(coughs up blood)This is the end of my story...why did it have to end on such a sorrow note?!Was my purpose just to die?!You bastard!TELL ME WHAT I'M HERE FOR!