Death is a homunculus who's 10,000 years old. She looks sweet and innocent and acts like she has emotions but this is just a act to fool enemies. She is very cruel and sadistic and is not afraid to take lives if her goals depend on it. Her goal is to "purify" the human race by erasing them from existence.


On the battlefield killing is the only thing that matters. Only being cruel and sadisitc will help. Emotions have no place here. Give up your emotions and join us!

Cry,cry,cry!That's all your freakin good for!

Bear my pain,and bear my suffering you bastard! It's your fault for making me like this! I could be human!My life is hell all thanks to you bastards!

Twilight you and I are the same. Work together with me and I will bring your beloved back I swear it.



Death's more preferred form.

Death has two forms. One is her preferred form which is her with purple hair and red eyes. Her second form is her turning into a demon her body covered in blood,red hair red eyes and scarlet wings.


  • Her name is deprived from her enjoyment from causing death to many innocent people.